If you can dream it,
you can do it’

Welcome To Snehal Oswal Institute

Celebrate your hidden talent with an award-winning personality in dance, fitness, and all things glamour.

With the fashion and fitness industry looking for pure ‘stand out’ icons these days, it’s gets harder to achieve your dream. However, with the right guidance, you’ll find that anything is possible. A illustrious director of dance and fashion, and a popular fitness trainer, I eat, sleep, and breathe glamour. Right from dance, grooming, styling, and more, I equip you with everything needed to make it big in the industry. Get set for a journey of a lifetime!

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What We Do

Fashion Direction & Choreography

Prepare for a glamorous career with extensive choreography and pageant coaching.

Dance and Fitness Training

Fitness is for the mind, and dance is for the soul. Mix the two, and you’ve struck gold, Meet the happier, fitter, version of yourself.

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